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Anti Aging Center Dallas is dedicated to preserving youthful wellness with the latest in medical and holistic options.

We offer a variety of the most effective services and procedures.  Our total focus is on you.  Here it is all about you.

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Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for both Men and Women is one of the treatment regimens we specialize in.  Our services include very advanced, doctor analyzed, blood testing, this helps us find out current levels of all of your Anti Aging Markers and were you are in relation to the desired levels for you.  With this information we will further analyze the effects of supplementation.

Cold Laser Pain Management Therapy,

Medical Micro Current Therapy for Skin and Face (Non-Surgical Face lifting with skin tightening and numerous other benefits),

Medical Micro Current for the Body (muscle toning, muscle building & fat burning also this therapy improves bone density helps with natural hormone generation and improves neural communication pathways)

Hydro Exfoliation Therapy, One of the nicest luxuries you can give yourself is the pleasure of new skin.  This therapy removes all traces of dead skin cells while cooling, oxygenating and hydrating the skin.  Lymphatic drainage and detoxification is also a benefit with this therapy.  Add serums for treating skin issues and this therapy is enhanced. 

Non Surgical Face Lift

Using Medical Micro Current we can lift sagging muscles and rejuvenate your skin while detoxing your body. Learn More»

BIHRT Hormone Therapy

Feel 35 again with Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. For both Men and Women this is the effective way to restore lost energy, sexuality, and youthful zeal. Learn More»

Radio Frequency Therapy

Melt fat and destroy Cellulite with this FDA approved therapy. Amazing skin improvements as well. Works on many of the bodies trouble spots from neck and face to thighs and buttocks. Learn More»
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